Garden Of Enoby Various Artists (Vinyl Record)

Various Artists: Garden Of Eno (Vinyl LP)

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This is a compilation album featuring some of the world's greatest acid/psych bands covering the legendary Brian Eno. Tracks: Ole Lukkoye - Quran, Iron Bong - Fat Lady of Limbourg, Zen - Mea Culpa, Lithium X-Mas - Unending Descent, ST-37 - Lay My Love, Bag - Fur Luise, the Whifflers - Spinning Away, Deejay Mr. Rid - Third Uncle, Pink Filth - the True Wheel. Limited edition of 500. Quran, Fat Lady of Limbourg, Mea Culpa, Unending Descent, Lay My Love, Fur Luise, Spinning Away, Third Uncle, The True Wheel