Peace at All Costsby Otherwise (Vinyl Record)

Otherwise: Peace at All Costs (Vinyl LP)

Century Media

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Peace comes through struggle. It's a reward that's earned rather than simply given. It's the product of tireless work and an unbreakable spirit against all odds and opposition. Otherwise are no strangers to that struggle, rising up to become rock 'n' roll contenders in the face of a tumultuous musical climate and a series of personal hardships. The Las Vegas hard alternative rock quintet - Adrian Patrick (vocals), Ryan Patrick (guitar/vocals), Corky Gainsford (drums/vocals), Vasilios Metropoulos (bass), & Andrew Pugh (guitar/vocals) - catalog the next chapter of this journey on their second full length album, PEACE AT ALL COSTS (Century Media Records). in order to convey their message palpably and potently, Otherwise teamed up with iconic producer David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, Staind, Stone Sour). Ultimately, Otherwise do achieve PEACE AT ALL COSTS, and they hope you will too. Vocalist Adrian Patrick states, 'Our main goal is for people to feel hope. We attempted to do that on TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES. We want to continue that fight on this and subsequent albums. There are so many emotions in life. You're not always just angry, happy, or sad. When the dark moments come, you just have to stay strong within yourself and you can make it through. We need to stay hopeful together. That's the point.' IV, Love ; War, Darker Side of the Moon, Demon Fighter, Wake Up (Coming for the Throne), Never Say, Other Side of Truth, All the Pretty Things, Walk Away, For the Fallen Ones, Fate Is Your Enemy, V, Meet Me in the Dark, Man on Fire