Mystery Ship: Bridgeburner (7-Inch Single)

Mystery Ship: Bridgeburner (7-Inch Single)

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Produced and engineered by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor). Shredding guitars, huge riffs, bass & drums of tectonic thunder. Cryptic & impassioned songs of shipwrecks, time travel, sleazy docks & mysterious women. The smell of roaches in the pockets of old denim jackets and hot tube amps. 7? single, Bridgeburner b/w Chinatown, follows suit in continuing the development of Mystery Ship‘s retro grooving. There’s an awful lot of heavy ’70s loyalist rock and roll out there, but an awful lot less of it comes from the States, and on “Bridgeburner” and “Chinatown” — both of which are denoted on back of the record sleeve as being the A side — the Seattle four-piece make a solid argument for American contribution to the form of classic heavy rock. Michael Wohl - Lead guitar, vocals Josh Kupferschmid - Guitar Alex Hagenah - Bass, vocals Travis Curry - Drums Lyrics by M. Wohl. Bridgeburner, Chinatown