Miriam: Down Today (Vinyl LP)

Miriam: Down Today (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release by Miriam Linna (who runs the great indie label Norton Records) produced, instrumentalified, and sashayed to perfection by Sam Elwitt. This time, the pair tackle a heavy hitting stash of previously untackle-able favorite obscuros and add two killer Elwitt comps that are sure to stun! Get ready for another roll - gorgeously produced by Mr. Elwitt and fabulously infested by super strings by Gregor Kitzis. Miriam has run the Brooklyn-based Norton Records since 1986 with her husband—the producer and singer-songwriter Billy Miller. Her skill as a drummer earned her a May I recommend? nod from Bob Dylan on his XM Theme Time Radio Hour program in January 2007. Born in Sudbury, Ontario, Linna is part of the collective of musicians that emerged from the Cleveland, Ohio punk rock scene, including the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu. When the re-formed Rocket from the Tombs performed in Hoboken, New Jersey in 2003, singer David Thomas dedicated the band's signature song Amphetamine to her. The Hand Don't Fit the Glove, I Keep Falling in Love, Take Me for a Little While, Cheryl's Going Home, Get Away, Don't Talk to Strangers, Down Today, Love to Love, Afterglow, One More Rainy Day, Don't Be Taken in, Our Love Can Still Be Saved, Which End Is Up, You've Got a Habit of Leavin