Exec: The Limber Real (Vinyl LP)

Exec: The Limber Real (Vinyl LP)


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Limited vinyl LP pressing. Exec is singer-songwriter Troels Abrahamsen, a notable figure in Denmark from leading gold-selling Danish electro-rock band Veto through to solo records under his own name and the alias I Know That You Know. The Limber Real, the 2016 debut album from Abrahamsen's Exec moniker, is polar opposite of his electronic releases: purely analogue, stripped down to piano, vocals and raw human emotion. Abrahamsen worked tirelessly through winter 2015 recording sessions to capture the sound in his head and follow sound right down to the perfect takes, embracing imperfection and accepting vulnerability - resulting in this highly dynamic, emotive album. The Limber Real is in part inspired by Nordic psalm traditions, guided by its particular harmonies and structures - but despite the influence of Nordic psalm, The Limber Real's themes come in from a world without religion, where one is alone despite surrounded by people and their deafening noise. Exec transcends these distractions, with Troels' exemplary vocal work continuously reaching new emotional highs with a huge range in dynamics and timbre, weaving seamlessly throughout his blissful piano work. Controlled Environments, Blink, The Explanatory Gap, Hymn, Life Is a Liquid, Intermission, Full of Knots, Peers, Schmeers, Bodies, Near Singular Experience, Going Under, The Limber Real, Stripped