Demos 1991 - 1992by Amenophis (Vinyl Record)

Amenophis: Demos 1991 - 1992 (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. The Stockholm/Gothenburg-department of early Swedish extreme metal has been really well-documented, but the area in and around the city of Norrköping in the Östergötland province likewise spawned famous acts like Marduk, Allegiance, Darkified, etc. In classic healthy underground style, a lot of other quality ensembles resided within that movement. One of the absolute best was Amenophis, and during their years of activity (1989-1995) they were responsible for two classy demos; Amenophis in 1991 and The Twelfth Hour in 1992. Both demos (containing all the material ever put to tape) have now been collected onto one vinyl with an extensive biography written by founding member Tim Pettersson. Amenophis were strongly tied to the classic old sounds of Death, Possessed, Celtic Frost - connecting it with a Swedish early '90s death metal edge. Some of the Amenophis members also played in the aforementioned Darkified and Allegiance. The Demos 1991-1992 compilation is an important piece of Swedish extreme metal history and a must for all serious old school collectors! Unfathomed Wisdom, Obscure Apotheosis, The Church of Abaddon (1991), Bloodstained Winter, Below the Crescent Moonshine, In the Dead of the Night, Eyes of Fire, The Church of Abaddon (1992)