To My Love / Legal Rightsby T-Shirts (Vinyl Record)

T-Shirts: To My Love / Legal Rights (7-Inch Single)

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Limited seven inch vinyl pressing of this 2017 single from the legendary Swedish ska band. Features the tracks 'To My Love' and 'Legal Rights'. It was in the early 80's that the T-shirts had it's greatest successes. Friction in the band and arguments about musical style and copyright meant that T-shirts eventually split. Everyone, except to the singer Jon Hammer continued in the music in different ways. The 2017 edition of T-shirts consists of the original members Anders Engström, bass; Bie Karlsson, song and guitar, Pelle Nordwall, drums and new addition, the young Ludde Lorentz on keyboards and saxophone. One Side: To My Love, The Other Side: Legal Rights