Magnolia: Svarta Sagor (Vinyl LP)

Magnolia: Svarta Sagor (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release from the Swedish hard rock band. When listening to this hard-hitting masterpiece, a question crosses our minds; How much groove can you possibly retain?! For the fifth time in a row, Ronny Eriksson and his comrades deliver pure '70's gold that manages to grow heavier and meaner for every album. From the Sabbath - flavoured Omväg to the kraut rock spirit of Bortom Staden Av Guld, Magnolia's Svarta Sagor is bound to give you an extravagant listening experience, and it is without a doubt their best release to date. Tungt Faller Regnet, Omväg, Tid Och Rum, Den Dagen Den Sorgen, Hamnar Aldrig Snett, Aldrig NÖJD, Tillfällig Frihet, Svarta Sagor, Bortom Staden Av Guld, Kriget Kallar