Root: Zjeveni (Vinyl LP)

Root: Zjeveni (Vinyl LP)

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25 years after it's original release, Root's 1990-debut album Zjevení will once again be available on wax! Being persecuted and oppressed by the communist Czechoslovakian (Big Boss was once labeled as The Satan-Agent from the West by the authorities) government and real difficulties obtaining a proper studio and reasonable recording equipment - the most miserable conditions imaginable really - didn't stop Root from making one of the most evil and individualistic black metal creations ever, with rotten riffs stinking of the old and grey Eastern Block - in the most positive sense. It wouldn't be misguided to name them Bathory (or Hellhammer) from behind the Iron Curtain. Zjevení is a definite must for fans of early primitive black metal; an album portraying the region and era. The first 333 copies are available on Red/Black Marble vinyl. Intro, Zjevení, Aralyon, Výslech, Upálení, Píseò Pro Satana, 666, 7 Èerných Jezdcù, Démon, Znamení, Cesta Zkázy