Dirty Sanchez: Dirty Sanchez (Vinyl LP)

Dirty Sanchez: Dirty Sanchez (Vinyl LP)


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- The heavily anticipated debut full length album from L.A.'s hottest electro band, Dirty Sanchez! - Features the brand new single Get It Wet plus the extremely popular Really Rich Italian Satanists, a superb cover of Prince's U Got The Look and so much more! - Led by DJ Barbeau, resident DJ at Miss Kitty's Parlour (voted Coolest Nightclub by Playboy, April 05), and dragqueen superstar Jackie Beat, DS have an established cult following that continually grows larger! - Top priority publicity campaign to include consumer print ads, press and radio mailings! Get It Wet, Really Rich Italian Satanists, Dinner Party!, U Got the Look, Amber on a 3-Way Call, Youth in Asia, Hollywood BLVD. 2:17 Am, Tranny Sex, (We Hate) Youth ; Beauty, Fucking on the Dance Floor, Backlash