The Chocolate Watchband: I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Vinyl LP)

The Chocolate Watchband: I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Vinyl LP)


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American psychedelic garage rock icons proudly present this fantastic collection of underground classics recently recorded to give them an even more ferocious kick! The Chocolate Watchband is an American psychedelic and garage rock band that was based in San Jose, California. The band, formed in 1965, went through several lineup changes during it's existence, but developed a sound heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones. Combining typical psychedelic and garage rock components, the band's sound was marked by David Aguillar's lead vocals, and experimental intensity of an early protopunk band. In addition, the band's rebellious musical posture, combine with psychedelic-inspired guitar distortions and keyboards, made them one of the harder-edged groups of the period. Expo 2000, Gone and Passes By, Are You Gonna Be There, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, No Way Out, Misty Lane, I Ain't No Miracle Worker, Sitting There Standing, Sweet Young Thing, Don't Need Your Loving, I'm Not Like Everybody Else, Let's Talk About Girls, The Inner Mystique