Lane, Jani: Catch a Falling Star (Vinyl LP)

Lane, Jani: Catch a Falling Star (Vinyl LP)


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- A compilation of superb solo performances and covers featuring the stunning voice of Warrant frontman, Jani Lane - available on both CD and vinyl!- Includes scintillating takes on UFO's Doctor, Doctor, Def Leppard's Photograph, and Bon Jovi's epic Lay Your Hands On Me featuring guest appearances by two of Lane's bandmates Erik Turner & Jerry Dixon!- Packaged with liner notes by former Warrant drummer Bobby Borg who shares his personal recollection of Lane, whose passing in 2011 was mourned by the music world as a whole but who continues to be an inspiration for generations of music fans and bands to come! I Want You to Want Me (Feat. Ryan Roxie), Panama, Photograph, The Ocean, Doctor Doctor, Electric Eye, Free for All (Feat. Jake E. Lee), No Surprise (Feat. Chris Holmes), Lay Your Hands on Me (Feat. Erik Hunter ; Jerry Dixon)