Mc5: Kick Out The Jams! 1966-1970 (Vinyl LP)

Mc5: Kick Out The Jams! 1966-1970 (Vinyl LP)


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This limited edition 12 picture vinyl is a compilation spanning the critical early years of Detroit's own massively influential proto-punk quintet including Kick Out the Jams, Shakin' Street, and more! The American Ruse, Kick Out the Jams [Original Uncensored Version 1968], Shakin Street, Skunk (Sonically Speaking), Tutti Frutti, Poison, Gotta Keep Moving, Tonight, Sister Anne [Live with Lemmy 2003] [Live], I Can Only Give You Everything, I Just Don't Know, Looking at You [Original A-Square Single Version 1968] [Version], Baby Please Don't Go [Live 1966] [Live]