Earle, Justin Townes: Midnight at the Movies (Vinyl LP)

Earle, Justin Townes: Midnight at the Movies (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2009 sophomore album from Justin Townes Earle, son of Americana favorite Steve Earle. Within the first song on Midnight at the Movies, you just know you're hearing something special, that you are party to the unknown and exhilarating paths being explored by an artist on the creative ascendancy. Midnight at the Movies displays an adeptness and musical sophistication of remarkable, organic breadth and is as lyrically sharp as a lover's tongue as she is walking out the door. Midnight at the Movies is held firm by Justin's astonishing vision and conviction, yet roams o'er the vast landscape of American music without so much as a stumble. Midnight at the Movies, What I Mean to You, They Killed John Henry, Mama's Eyes, Dirty Rag, Can't Hardly Wait, Black Eyed Suzy, Poor Fool, Halfway to Jackson, Someday I'll Be Forgiven for This, Walk Out, Here We Go Again