Branan, Cory: Mutt (Vinyl LP)

Branan, Cory: Mutt (Vinyl LP)

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Tips it's hat to the road-map influences from Motown to Mellencamp, the Delta bluesmen to the folk pickers of 1960's Grenwich Village - the result is a singular sound spurred on by years spent on tour honing something rare that is altogether it's own. A natural troubadour, Branan channels his inner John Prine on this near-perfect gathering of tunes that he delivers with a healthy dose of his native twang. - THE DAILY NEWS The Corner, Survivor Blues, Badman, Darken My Door, Lil Heartbreaker, Snowman, Yesterday, Karen's Song, The Freefall, Jericho, Hold Me Down, Lily, Survivor's Blues [Slow Version]