Freakwater: Scheherazade (LP vinyl) (Vinyl LP)

Freakwater: Scheherazade (LP vinyl) (Vinyl LP)

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Freakwater - Scheherazade - At once bluegrass, blues, folk, and country, it is also none of them. It is a product of two voices intertwined with one another for over three decades. It might be best summarized as Appalachian soul. Pure Freakwater. Scheherazade is Freakwater's eighth album and first in over 10 years. What the People Want, The Asp and the Albatross, Bolshevik and Bollweevil, Down Will Come Baby, Falls of Sleep, Take Me with You, Velveteen Matador, Skinny Knee Bone, Number One with a Bullet, Memory Vendor, Missionfield, Ghost Song