Al Scorch: Circle Round The Signs (Vinyl LP)

Al Scorch: Circle Round The Signs (Vinyl LP)

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Built at the sonic intersection of the Bad Livers' lawless next-gen traditional country and bluegrass, and Black Flag's burn-it-all-down revolt and breakneck tempos, Chicago's Al Scorch trades in high-wire musicianship on tales of debilitating despair, wild-eyed hope, and sharp-elbowed views of social (in)justice. ... blistering energy, smart and insightful lyrics drawing from traditional American string band music, European and American folk, and of course, the aforementioned punk. If this all sounds great, I can tell you it truly is. - POPMATTERS Pennsylvania Turnpike, Lost at Sea, Everybody Out, Insomnia, Lonesome Low, Want One, City Lullaby, Slipknot, Poverty Draft, Love After Death