Lagwagon: Duh (Vinyl LP)

Lagwagon: Duh (Vinyl LP)

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Tragic Vision, Foiled Again, Bury the Hatchet, Angry Days, Noble End, Child Inside, Bad Moon Rising, Beer Goggles, Parents Guide to Living, Mr. Coffee, Of Mind and Matter, Stop Whining, Lag Wagon, Demented Rumors [Outtake] [Take], Noble End [Early Version] [Version], Angry Days [Acoustic] [Version], Super Big Demo Radio Spot [Demo Version], Color Blind [Demo Version], Parents Guide to Living [Demo Version], Beer Goggles [Demo Version], Child Inside [Demo Version], Foiled Again [Demo Version], Noble End [Demo Version], Life Without You [Demo Version], Bury the Hatchet [Demo Version], The Bonus Ballad of Bilbo Baggins [Demo Version], Freedom of Choice [Demo Version], Demented Rumors [Demo Version], Stop Whining [Demo Version], No Hard Feelings [Demo Version], Truth and Justice [Demo Version], Lost in Another Time [Demo Version], No Conviction [Demo Version], Holy Shit [Demo Version], Goleta Shuffle [Demo Version], Jaded Ways [Demo Version], Tragic Vision [Demo Version], Runs in the Family [Demo Version]