John Paul White: The Long Goodbye (Vinyl LP)

John Paul White: The Long Goodbye (Vinyl LP)

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A dark, brooding, and brilliant piece of work by John Paul White (award-winning songwriter and half of the Grammy®-nominated, Billboard chart-toppers Civil Wars). Recorded at the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals (Aretha Franklin, Little Richard), this solo album presents a fresh take on the classic Southern Gothic style, presented by the then-unknown undiscovered talent. Set to be released on Columbia, it was recorded & produced by Mike Hedges (U2, the Cure) and set to be a landmark launching pad for White's career until the Civil Wars took off and all plans for this record were set aside. Losing Me, Black Cloud, Alien, This Life, Call It Love, Come Over, Holiday, September, Over My Head, Neon, Home, Sleepwalking