Stalag 13: In Control (Vinyl LP)

Stalag 13: In Control (Vinyl LP)

Dr. Strange Records

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The good Doc has seen fit to reissue one of the most sought after Nardcore releases of the early 80's. Stalag 13's In Control with 4 bonus songs not on the original Upstart release. Artwork by world renowned Jamie Hernandez makes this not only pleasing to the eyes but pleasing to the ears. Why pay the big bucks for the original when you get it all here for much less? Conditioned, No Excuse, Black Stix/Silver Badge, Sometime, Clean Up Your Act, Black and Gray, What Are You Looking For?, The Choice Is Yours, In Control, Selfish (Bonus Track), Violence in America (Bonus Track), I Don't Need It (Bonus Track), Make a Change (Bonus Track)