Hard To Look At Easy To Seeby The Submarine Races (Vinyl Record)

The Submarine Races: Hard To Look At Easy To See (Vinyl LP)

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Watching The Submarine Races is a euphemism for making out (and more) in a car. It's the kind of thing a cop would say to be funny when he knocks on the fogged-up window of your Chevy parked in back of the Safeway to ask what you're doing there at 1:00 a.m. This Submarine Races is a three-piece from Chicago, Illinois, fronted by Ian Adams, formerly of the Ponys and Happy Supply. Danny, Accidents, Rockin' Bee, Part B (Where Are You Going), Trees of Mystery, The Neighborhood (Where My Love Lives), Harem Bells, Let It Go, Bring Your Girlfriend, Places I've Lived, Literal Mind