Thee Oh Sees: Help (Vinyl LP)

Thee Oh Sees: Help (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2009 release from this outfit led by John Dwyer, formerly of Coachwhips, Yikes, etc.) If you like what you see, do yourself a favor and check out this newest release from Thee Oh Sees. Newest because they've only been around for six albums-albeit in different incarnations, under several different names (OCS, the Oh Sees, et al.) with several different sounds. Formed in the wake of his more volatile commitments, Thee Oh Sees started as an extension of Dwyer's softer side. Their early recordings were somber and beautiful. Last year, Thee Oh Sees made an unexpected turn, delivering their wildest, weirdest, hardest-rocking record yet with the Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In. Now, Thee Oh Sees have followed it with an even wilder, more hard-rocking record, Help. Enemy Destruct, Ruby Go Home, Meat Step Lively, A Flag in the Court, The Turn Around, Can You See, Rainbow, Go Meet the Seed, I Can't Get No, Soda Street #1, Destroyed Fortress Reappears, Peanut Butter Oven