Ccr Headcleaner: Tear Down the Wall (Vinyl LP)

Ccr Headcleaner: Tear Down the Wall (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2016 album from the San Francisco weirdos. “The perfect amounts of confused clatter, slurred lines and parts where everyone headbangs at the same time, all while dipping toes deep into thrash, psychedelia and clinging onto the American rock ’n’ roll dreams of the sixties.” —Marissa Magic, Maximum Rocknroll. “With an acid-baked aesthetic that feels totally natural and never forced, CCR Headcleaner excels at creating damaged, synapse-frying rock that definitely seems to be channeling Royal Trux in their drug addled prime.” —Aquarius Records. “… a heavy love for stoner vibes and layers of feedback. Psych rock hasn’t sounded this fresh, unhinged, dangerous and loud in quite awhile.” —Permanent Records. Peace Dub, I'm Alive, Moonsnow, Dream Sweeper, Eat This Riff, Curl or Pearl, Tear Down the Wall, Brown Acid