Half Speed Masteredby Aleister X (Vinyl Record)

Aleister X: Half Speed Mastered (Vinyl LP)

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Aleister X's debut LP is finally here. The BK/HLYWD/DTLA/JA/JP Lion is back with his first real deal full length! Limited to 500 copies on dark, dark black 180 gram vinyl. Half Speed Mastered is an amazing mix of pop, dub, rap, goth and experimental music combined with one of the best lyricists in the game. Add some Day-Glo to your black paint life with Aleister X! Black humor, dark laughs from the world's most twisted funny man. CD version on the Steev Mike label. Lax, Hxllywxxd Signs, Topanga Strangla, Bad Vibrations, Mulholland Driver, Cheeseburger Tits, Malibu, Fairysnuff, California Gurls, Comedy City, West Coast Tees, Domemaster Mike, The Closer, Dude Turned Blue