Color of Noise / O.S.T.: The Color of Noise (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

Color of Noise / O.S.T.: The Color of Noise (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

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A sampling of the music that was the journey of Amphetamine Reptile Records head honcho Tom Hazelmyer. From the early hardcore band Tom fronted to classic cuts from UNSANE, HELMET, MUDHONEY, COWS, TODAY IS THE DAY, MELVINS and more! This soundtrack chronicles a summary of Hazelmyer's impact on American Punk Rock. Limited edition pressing on 150 Gram color vinyl. King Barry and The Sinister Soulsters - Hooks McGee - King Barry ; The Sinister Soulsters, Todlachen - Parasite - Todlachen, Otto's Chemical Lounge - Trip With Me - Otto's Chemical Lounge, Halo Of Flies - Headburn - Halo of Flies, Thrown Ups - Reconstructed Hoo Hoo (Live) - Thrown Ups, Mudhoney - Twenty Four - Mudhoney, God Bullies - War On Everybody (Live) - God Bullies, Lubricated Goat - Play Dead (Live) - Lubricated Goat, King Snake Roost - My Zippo - King Snake Roost, Unsane - Cracked Up - Unsane, Helmet - Your Head - Helmet, Melvins - Night Goat - Melvins, Vertigo - Big Black Bugs - Vertigo, Hammerhead - U.V. - Hammerhead, Janitor Joe - Boys in Blue - Janitor Joe, Cows - Heave Ho - Cows, Today Is The Day - Come On Down And Get Saved - Today Is the Day, Chokebore - 60000 Pounds - Chokebore, Guzzard - Glued - Guzzard, Unsane - Scrape - Unsane, Love 666 - Bummer - Love 666, H?O?F w/Gay Witch Abortion - Choking on Vomit - H.O.F, Gay Witch Abortion - Girl Pop Soda (Live) - Gay Witch Abortion, Helios Creed - Galactic Center - Helios Creed