Putrid Offal: Mature Necropsy (Vinyl LP)

Putrid Offal: Mature Necropsy (Vinyl LP)


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After taking the underground extreme metal by storm with the release of their first full-length in nearly 25 years and having the initial limited edition first press CD version sold out in less than a month, being confirmed to major extreme metal festivals around Europe (including Obscene Extreme, DeathFeast, Fall of Summer and more...), Putrid Offal's getting the wax treatment! Limited to 500 copies! Obseqvies, Garroting Way, Mortuary Garland, Gurgling Prey, Repulsive Corpse, Suffering, From Plasma to Embalming, Organic Excavation, Premature Necropsy, Symptom, Rotted Flesh, Birth Remains, Outro, Freddy Krugger, Sane Men