Dark Sea Dream: Dark Sea Dream (Vinyl LP)

Dark Sea Dream: Dark Sea Dream (Vinyl LP)


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Crushingly loud, shimmering distortion and harmonics. Dark Sea Dream was created in Fall 2007 and perform steadily since throughout the greater Potomac Valley area and beyond. The DC based four piece ride crashing waves of Tesla-coil fused white noise to unpredictable conclusions, particularly since their noise isn't paralyzing like the typical avant-garde noise rock band: it is translucent, glimmering, and beautiful. For fans of Sonic Youth, The Dead C., Sun Ra, Yahowha 13, Xasthur, etc. Kinda like you always wanted those shoegaze bands to sound like, but they were always too wimpy! This colored vinyl version is limited to 500 and comes in a heavy gatefold sleeve. Not Till You Pull That Trigger Boy, Behind the Eyes, Shock Doctrine