Overturesby Ries / Wdr Symphony Orchestra Cologne / Griffiths (Vinyl Record)

Ries / Wdr Symphony Orchestra Cologne / Griffiths: Overtures (Vinyl LP)

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The Beethoven pupil Ferdinand Ries always holds surprises in store for listeners. Whether considering his symphonic music, chamber works, or vocal oeuvre (a broad selection of being available on cpo), his vibrant powers of invention, formal mastery and genial talent when it came to multiple paving of his own unique paths for the musical language of his times never fails to enthuse. The concert overture probably took shape in response to specific demands arising from the development of the concert as a public event. Ries' rousing works of this genre are now rendered audible for vinyl fans! 01. Große Festouvertüre Und Siegesmarsch Op. 172, 02. Ouvertüre Zu Schillers Trauerspiel, 03. Die Braut Von Messina Op. 162, 04. Ouvertüre Zu Schillers Trauerspiel, 05. Don Carlos Op. 94, 06. Ouverture Dramatique L'apparition Woo 61