It's Casual: Episode Ii: Cholas Are Loyal (Vinyl LP)

It's Casual: Episode Ii: Cholas Are Loyal (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Classic hardcore punk records that encapsulate the experience of riding your skateboard and taking public transportation through the city of angels, the city that is not car free or pedestrian friendly! Don't let the name fool you-It's Casual is anything but. Led by singer/guitarist Eddie Solis, this Los Angeles-area hardcore punk rock duo blasts through riff-heavy tunes somewhere between Henry Rollins-era Black Flag and Slayer. It's a brutal, straightforward approach that has redefined skate rock and proven the old adage that less is more. The band's moniker hails from the 1984 Cameron Crowe film The Wild Life and has built a nationwide following by playing shows all across North America No matter what the venue, an It's Casual show is guaranteed to be all things energetic, interactive and fun. And loud-really, really loud. The group has also performed with Testament, Prong, Black Flag, Fu Manchu, High On Fire, Zeke, Fireball Ministry, Mondo Generator, Good For You, Mastodon and Death By Stereo. No Support, No Guarantee, I Want My Drivers License Back, Cholas Are Loyal, Landspeeder, Open Your Arms, Isrb, No More Warrants, Prounounced, Believe Me