Nichols, Jeb Loy: Parish Bar (Vinyl LP)

Nichols, Jeb Loy: Parish Bar (Vinyl LP)

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A modern-day Renaissance Man, Jeb Loy Nichols is a musician, songwriter, and visual artist whose creative path has taken him from his birthplace in the Midwest, to London, and rural Wales. PARISH BAR was made at home, over the past couple years, in between other projects. Some of the tracks came quickly, other tracks crawled into being, a layer at a time, explains Jeb Loy Nichols. It all started because I was involved in doing a series of wood cuts entitled Ghost Yard. Ghost Yard was a public park in the Bronx where Afrika Bambaataa birthed Zulu Nation and helped bring about the age of hip-hop. When I lived in NYC in 1979 - 83, I went to the parties that Bambaataa threw there. Like the music, the parties were grass roots affairs, a collection of sounds and influences that said: what you see is what you get! This is who we are and that's what I wanted to say with PARISH BAR. 'This who I was and who I am!' No big deal - just relax and have a good time. Countrymusicdisco45, Whole Thing Going on, Just a Country Boy, I'm Blue I'm Lonesome Too, Days Are Mighty, Too Much Not Enough, Satan S Helper, Foggy Road Ride, My Kind, Neath the Cold Ground, So Sad, Dr. Noblio, I Took a Memory to Lunch