Page, Jimmy: Sound Tracks (Vinyl LP)

Page, Jimmy: Sound Tracks (Vinyl LP)

Jimmy Page

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Four vinyl LP pressing. Special edition box set bringing together Jimmy Page's extraordinary compositions for the films Lucifer Rising and Death Wish II along with additional archive material for the first time. The quadruple box set includes Lucifer Rising: The Second Coming and Death Wish II: Expansion which feature rare, never-before-heard tracks. Speaking about the release, Jimmy explains; The archive material and work included here serve as an illustration of the ongoing process at the time of these two projects. Recorded at Jimmy's home studio in Plumpton and The Sol studio in Cookham in the late seventies and early eighties, Sound Tracks features an all-new booklet containing a written track-by-track insight by Jimmy Page for the archive material amidst a stunning collection of original artwork across 36 pages. Lucifer Rising - Main Title, Incubus, Damask, Unharmonics, Damask - Ambient, Lucifer Rising - Percussive Return, Lucifer Rising Early Mix, Sonic Textures 1 - Earth, Sonic Textures 2 - Air, Sonic Textures 3 - Fire, Sonic Textures 4 - Water, Sonic Textures 5 - Ether, Who's to Blame, The Chase, City Sirens, Jam Sandwich, Carole's Theme, The Release, Hotel Rats and Photostats, A Shadow in the City, Jill's Theme, Prelude, Hypnotizing Ways, Main Title, Jill's Orchestral Theme, Alternate Jill's Theme, 9M1, City Sirens, Baby I Miss You So, Hey Mama / Swinging Sax, Carole's Theme - Strings, Prelude, Country Sandwich, A Minor Sketch