Dindo Bembo Orchestra: Ust 86 (ballabili Anni '70) (Vinyl LP)

Dindo Bembo Orchestra: Ust 86 (ballabili Anni '70) (Vinyl LP)

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180 gram vinyl. Remastered sound. Released 500 copies. One of the rarest and best library albums from the Fonit Usignolo series. Actually the full soundtrack for an obscure Italian movie, this is one of the finest jazz-funk scores to come out of Italy in the 1970s. Full of poliziesco-styled sounds, sexy giallo & thriller grooves, dark cop themes with infectious flute stabs, clipped wah-wah, elegant spy jazz waltzes, funky drums, dope Rhodes, vertigo psychedelic guitars and basslines, panoramic lounge, eccentric funky-baroque, romantic themes and so on. The pinnacle of Italian arranger Alberto Baldan Bembo, a complete masterpiece! Milano Ore 19 (3:32), Nostalgia Per Eva (2:54), Omaggio Alla Scozia (2:32), Passeggiando Per Firenze (4:24), Autodromo Di Monza (4:34), Volo 059 Per Roma (4:08), Preludio in Do Minore (7:55), Tangenziale Ovest (3:18), Se Mi Manca Elisa (3:00)