Orchestra Ollamar / Rino De Fillippi: Atmosfere (Vinyl LP)

Orchestra Ollamar / Rino De Fillippi: Atmosfere (Vinyl LP)

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180 gram vinyl. Remastered sound. Released 500 copies. One of the darkest and in high-demand Italian Library. From the infamous Fonit 7001 series, is the most obscure and deepest of Rino de Filippi's creations, Atmosfere, composed along with maestro Giancarlo Chiaramello. Obstinated dark breakbeats like in the killer Ostinazione with fuzz psychedelic guitar and amazing drumming tempo. More dark samples on Pulsazioni. Spookiest guitar and basslines ever and scary atmospherics with screaming sophisticated vocals too. Insane record! O. Di Domenico - Pulsazioni, O. Di Domenico - Ostinazione, Rino de Filippi - Riflessioni, Rino de Filippi - Ricercare, Rino de Filippi - Antri, Orchestra Ollamar - Attesa Spasmodica, Orchestra Ollamar - Concentrazione, Orchestra Ollamar - Alienazione, Orchestra Ollamar - Frustrazioni