Radovanovic, Vladan: Phonoverse: Electroacoustic Musi (Vinyl LP)

Radovanovic, Vladan: Phonoverse: Electroacoustic Musi (Vinyl LP)

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Composer Vladan Radovanovic is one of the leading figures in Serbian and ex-Yugoslav avant-garde art. In addition to his musical work, his creative domain includes painting, literature, new media, and polymedia synthesis. His research focuses on the vocovisual, projectism, tactile art, polymedia, body action, tape music, electronic music, computer music, and computer graphics. The central position in his creative poetics is reserved for art synthesis. This triple-LP set collects the entire opus of his electroacoustic works from between 1960 and 1993, many of which are long out-of-print and many of which have never before been available on vinyl. Phonoverse is the perfect opportunity to rediscover some of the most brilliant works from the founder of Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio. Inventions, Electronic Study, Electra, Computoria, Audiospacial, Undine, False Mirror, Timbral, Flux, Yuevents, Nova98, Ensemble, Mix