Q Street / Wolfpack (45 Edit)by Super Hi-Fi / Big Mean Sound Machine (Vinyl Record)

Super Hi-Fi / Big Mean Sound Machine: Q Street / Wolfpack (45 Edit) (7-Inch Single)

Peace & Rhythm

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2015 release on red vinyl. Peace & Rhythm presents a split 7 with Ithaca-based Afrofunk juggernaut Big Mean Sound Machine and Brooklyn dub band Super Hi-Fi. This 45 RPM nugget of goodness contains the sweetly deep rumble of Super Hi-Fi's melodic dual-trombone dub on Q Street and the pounding Afrofunk fire of Big Mean Sound Machine's astro-inflected body-shaker Wolf Pack. Big Mean Sound Machine are a constantly-traveling brigade of funk-and-sweat, citizens armed with horns, guitars, synths and percussion. Brooklyn-based dub artists Super Hi-Fi bring a jazzy melodicism to their Jamaican-inspired core, with flashes of Afrobeat and rock inspiration (bringing to mind Willie Colon). Super Hi-Fi - Q Street, Big Mean Sound Machine - Wolfpack (45 Edit)