Lo Mejor 1by Siguarajazz (Vinyl Record)

Siguarajazz: Lo Mejor 1 (Vinyl LP)

Hit Musical

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The first of two compilations featuring the best of Colombian salsa icons Siguarajazz. For the first time on vinyl are songs from their five albums recorded between 2009 and 2015. A musical reference in the city of Medellín since 1999, Siguarajazz have developed a production and exploration through Afro-Caribbean music and Salsa brava, establishing itself as one of the most outstanding bands in their musical field. Under the direction of Juan Fernando García, aka Juancito Trucupey, the band started in Medellín's neighborhoods and have arrived in unexpected places in the world. The force of their compositions, honesty in their lyrics, strong, well-syncopated rhythms, as well as the aestheticism and sound in every part of their discography, make it the best music proposal to have emerged from the Colombian capital department Antioquia. On volume 1 Latin jazz and salsa are present in numbers like 'Manrique Mambo' or 'La Catalana,' that inevitably end up in a tasty descarga which motivates the dancer. The elegance of traditional Caribbean rhythms is reflected in 'Danzon Trujillo's lilting danzón - chá dedicated to rumberos from the downtown. A tribute to the dancers of the legendary era of Palacé street zone recounted in 'Está en Algo.' - Diego Aranda. A joint edition produced by Colombian label Hit Musical and Siguaraya Producciones. Rumbero Malo, Danzón Trujillo, Sabor a Miel, La Catalana, Mi Mulatona, Está en Algo, Penúltima Estación