Kleyn, Carol: Love Has Made Me Stronger (Vinyl LP)

Kleyn, Carol: Love Has Made Me Stronger (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered edition of this 1976 self-released gem. On Carol's 21st birthday, charismatic musician Bobby Brown gave her a harp and it changed her life forever. Over the next few years, Carol developed her own style on the harp and began to write her songs as she and Bobby bounced up and down the West Coast, finding herself performing in the presence of Hollywood greats such as John Lennon, Robert Plant, Phil Spector and Graham Nash. The sound of this album is a sound of joy. Music is clearly meant to express love and happiness, desire and wonder, and Carol let's her voice communicate this as she'd done at countless shows with only a single accompanying instrument underneath - harp in the early going of the record, keyboards on the second half. Love's Goin Round, Baby Come Close, Blackbird, Ode to the Monarch, Street Song, Oo Like the Mountain, Love Has Made Me Stronger, Well Glory Be, Mountain Child, Come on Babe Let's Dance, You Know I Love You, Higher Than High