Magik Markers: Balf Quarry (Vinyl LP)

Magik Markers: Balf Quarry (Vinyl LP)

Drag City

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Vinyl LP pressing of this 2009 release. When an album begins with a song called 'Risperdal', one would assume a mind-and-body-slamming 45 minutes or so are underway. And one wouldn't be wrong! Sure, Balf Quarry has moody space in it's soul, melodies whether stretched over Rock, ululating rhythm, chimes 'n piano and/or wah-wah. Regardless of the configuration, Elisa Ambrogio and Pete Nolan are locked together, beating it out, listening to feeling the sound of their earth quake. And slicing through all the atmosphere, Elisa's voice is a spear of light, splashes of mud, an acid purple flashback. 10 tracks. Risperdal, Don't Talk in Your Sleep, Jerks, Psychosomatic, 7/23, State Numbers, The Ricercar of Dr. Clara Haber, The Lighter Side of... Hippies, Ohio R./Live/Hoosier, Shells