Segall, Ty: Goodbye Bread (Vinyl LP)

Segall, Ty: Goodbye Bread (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2011 release, the fifth solo album from Indie/Alt-Rock singer/songwriter Ty Segall (The Traditional Fools, Epsilons, Party Fowl, Sic Alps, and the Perverts). for those who are unaware, Ty tours like a monster, plays his ass and his band's ass and his audience's ass off every night and people seem to like it. The shows are moving, almost beyond control. It's not gonna stop either. Goodbye Bread will see to that. Goodbye Bread, California Commercial, Comfortable Home (A True Story), You Make the Sun Fry, I Can't Feel It, My Head Explodes, The Floor, Where Your Head Goes, I Am with You, Fine