Kensington Bluesby Jack Rose (Vinyl Record)

Jack Rose: Kensington Blues (Vinyl LP)

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2008 release of the fourth full-length from Jack, an inspired mix of styles and sounds that brings his in-person mastery down to CD scale. Kensington Blues is Jack's most diverse outing by far, with straight ragtime, heavy 12-string, and that sweet sweet Weissenborn lap guitar all checking in. Honed during endless touring in 2004, the repertoire here is delivered with maximum authority in a series of first-take performances recorded in early 2005. Cathedral et Chartres and Calais to Dover are dense, brooding 12 string numbers, recalling the key tracks on 2004's Raag Manifestos CD. Kensington Blues, Cross the North Fork, Cathedral Et Chartres, Rappahanock River Rag (For William Moore), Sunflower River Blues, Now That I'm a Man Full Grown II, Flirtin' with the Undertaker, Calais to Dover