Miscontinuum Albumby Jan st. Werner (Vinyl Record)

Jan st. Werner: Miscontinuum Album (Vinyl LP)

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Miscontinuum Album documents an impressive new work by seminal electronic musician Jan St. Werner, whose innovations with Mouse on Mars and Microstoria are well documented. This album is the third entry in Werners lauded Fiepblatter Catalogue series, and features contributions from Dylan Carlson (Earth), Markus Popp (Oval), Taigen Kawabe (Bo Ningen), and Kathy Alberici. Miscontinuum Album is a radical convergence of sound exploration and storytelling that has few precedents. It is a dark gothic electronic work whose dense layers reveal more with each listen. Intro, Cervo, Scene 1, Repedron, Demonos, Scene 2, Molono, Scene 3, Schwazade, Outtro, Amazonas