Nightmare Afternoonby Jagged Leaves (Vinyl Record)

Jagged Leaves: Nightmare Afternoon (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing of this 2016 release. Dan Penta doesn't have fans - he has disciples. An outcast of the DC burbs, he arrived in NYC in 1999, quickly becoming a staple of the anti-folk scene. But while friends like Regina Spektor, the Moldy Peaches, and Langhorne Slim went on to earn acclaim, Dan remained unknown. Creating in obscurity, he handmade CD-Rs for the consecrated few who, through the years, came to form a tiny congregation. Finally, now 20 years of retrospection and songwriting come to fruition. I remember hearing Dan play when I began going to the Sidewalk Cafe open mic. He had interesting lyrics and passionate delivery and always stood out as one of the unique voices in that scene. - Regina Spektor. Low ; Wet, City Parks, A Moth in the Sand, Sewn in the Seam, Wizard Gardenia, John Brown's Grave, Devil Come Madness, Never Been Born, Home, Powderkeg, Calm Me Down, Death Is a Charm