Born Cages: I'm Glad I'm Not Me (Vinyl LP)

Born Cages: I'm Glad I'm Not Me (Vinyl LP)

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I'm Glad I'm Not Me touches on rock, electronic, dance, alternative and everything in between, reaching listeners thought to be quarantined from each other. It's a record celebrating togetherness in fractious times, music that finds commonalities rather than chasms. Throughout, Born Cages play with an urgency that posits their music as something essential. I'm Glad I'm Not Me embraces it's punchy hooks, economic arranging and distinct kind of New York City disillusionment; it's the despondency of being told your mere existence in the city is a sign of having made it and still feeling alone amongst the millions. I'm Glad I'm Not Me was recorded at Mission Sound (Metric, Arctic Monkeys, Matt & Kim) in Brooklyn, NY and was produced by Jon Kaplan (Cage The Elephant, Walk The Moon) and co-produced by Born Cages' lead singer Vlad Holiday. On the album, Holiday, bassist/keyboardist Matt Maroulakos and drummer Dave Tantao conjure festival-ready, truly modernist modern rock that is every bit as grand as it's song titles would predict: Bigger Than Me. I Just Want The Truth, Baby. Don't Look Back. Finding Beauty in a Broken World. Rolling Down the Hill, Bigger Than Me, Don't Look Back, Moving on, I Just Want the Truth Baby, Give Me a Smile, Caiti, Metaphor, Dirty Money, Volcano, Green, Finding Beauty in a Broken World