J.J. Johnson: Jai & Kai (Vinyl LP)

J.J. Johnson: Jai & Kai (Vinyl LP)

Savoy Jazz

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Vinyl LP pressing of this classic album from the Savoy label. Savoy Records specialized in Jazz, Black Gospel, Soul, R&B, and Blues music. They played an important part in popularizing the Jazz subgenre of bebop beginning in the mid-1940's. Jai & Kai, originally released in 1954, is a release by trombonists and Jazz luminaries J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding surrounded by a stellar cast including Wally Cirillo, piano; Charles Mingus, Bass; Billy Bauer, guitar; and Kenny Clarke, drums. Features 10 tracks including 'Bernie's Tunes', 'What Is This Thing Called Love?', 'The Boy Next Door', 'Blues For Trombone', 'Blues In Twos' and more. Bernie's Tune, Lament, Blues for Trombone, The Major, Yesterday's, Co-Op, Reflections, Blues in Two's, What Is This Thing Called Love?, The Boy Next Door