Saw You Yesterday / Can't Get Enoughby Crowd Company (Vinyl Record)

Crowd Company: Saw You Yesterday / Can't Get Enough (7-Inch Single)

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Limited seven inch colored vinyl pressing. Vintage soul funk with a modern take from acclaimed London band Crowd Company. Produced by Alan Evans (Soulive), who also guests on Side A, this limited run colored vinyl single has two epic songs taken from their album Stone & Sky. Side A has a '60s soul funk vibe with huge catchy hooks and feel good, uplifting choruses. Dripping with tons of flavor and distinct character. Side B is a powerhouse of a heavy soul ballad, with a cinematic vibe and brimful of emotion. Both tracks feature virtuoso musicianship in every department and three outstanding vocalists often blending soulful harmonies over a bedrock of tight grooves, Hammond organ and horn section. It has a rich, distinct vibe, aided by an outstanding analog production feel. Saw You Yesterday, Can't Get Enough