Sounds of Decayby Katatonia (Vinyl Record)

Katatonia: Sounds of Decay (12-Inch Single)


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Sounds of Decay is a three-song EP released by Katatonia in 1997. The front cover is a screenshot of a decrepit god, taken from the movie Begotten. There is an unreleased version of this EP on which Fred Norrman recorded. The band had to record the album twice, as during the first recording, the result was terrible due to the band being very hungover. And for unknown reasons, they had not called Fred back to do the recording again. WoW, according to Mikael Åkerfeldt, he prefers the unreleased version, as it is a lot more brutal. LoL. This is also Mikael's last major role in the band. A fourth song named Untrue was also recorded in the studio session, but it did not end up on the original release. It was later released on the Brave Yester Days compilation album in 2004. Nowhere Renkse 6:08, At Last Blackheim 6:13, Inside the Fall Renkse 6:20