Bibio: Mineral Love (Vinyl LP)

Bibio: Mineral Love (Vinyl LP)

Warp Records

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Bibio will release his seventh album, A Mineral Love, on April 1st through Warp Records. According to the artist: This album celebrates the sacred and precious struggles of human insecurities through many windows of familiar musical forms. It's also a celebration of my love of the craft of record making, drawing influences from many sources across all decades from the late sixties to the present. All these referential forms have a twist, some are more full on cocktails. Standard weight, double vinyl housed in printed inner sleeves with download card included. Petals, A Mineral Love, Raxeira, Town ; Country, Feeling, The Way You Talk (Featuring Gotye), With the Thought of Us, Why So Serious? (Featuring Olivier St. Louis), C'est la Vie, Wren Tails, Gasoline ; Mirrors (Featuring Wax Stag), Saint Thomas, Light Up the Sky