Il Mucchioby Il Mucchio (Vinyl Record)

Il Mucchio: Il Mucchio (Vinyl LP)


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Limited clear orange vinyl LP pressing, the first reissue since the 1970 original release. While English progressive rock movement was already considerably mature in 1970 and had already generated countless masterpieces, Italy was less at the forefront. This album showcases the transitional period between psychedelic and progressive genres. Venetian band Il Mucchio's music perfectly represents this ramshackle desire to advance and to evolve beyond the pop music schemes of the previous decade. Their self-titled and only LP is pleasantly dominated by keyboards (the first Il Mucchio's line-up did not feature any guitarists), which highlights the group's impressive songwriting skills and vocals that easily recall the New Trolls. That said, personality and originality are not missing from these eight tracks, and one can only wonder what would have become of the band if they actually had the opportunity to grow further. After three more seven inches and a line-up change, the group disbanded, leaving behind this beautiful album, forgotten for decades and never reissued on vinyl. This edition, curated by Vinyl Magic, is true to the original 1970 release and gives new life to a hidden gem of Italian prog.