De Souza, Rosalia: Dimprovviso (Vinyl LP)

De Souza, Rosalia: Dimprovviso (Vinyl LP)


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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2009 release from the Brazilian vocalist. D'Improvviso recalls places and tastes connected to the Brazilian music of the past and in particular to the '60s. a genuine album touched by a singular Afro-Jazz sound, whose compositions show several aspects expressed by the different essences of the huge Brazilian music tradition. 14 tracks. Schema. Candomble, Banzo, D'improvviso, Sambinha, Quem Quiser Encontrar O Amor, Samba Longe, 5 Dias de Carnaval, Carolina Carol Bela, O Cantador, Opiniao, Ondina, Luiza Manequim, Amanha, Bossa 50