Boland, Francy: Playing with the Trio (Vinyl LP)

Boland, Francy: Playing with the Trio (Vinyl LP)


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A fairly rare discographical item, pianist Francy Boland is here captured in a small-group setting featuring Jimmy Woode on bass and the legendary Kenny Clarke on drums. The trio guide US through versions of familiar Clarke-Boland numbers that have been pared back to reveal the absolute musical essentials. This session is a perfectly cut gem; unassuming but wholly flawless, and shining with intelligent musical light. Recorded in Cologne, Germany, 1967. Nights in Warsaw, I'm All Smiles, Myriam Doll, Night Lady, Gamal Sady'n'em, Lonely Girl, Dierdre's Blues, The Girl and the Turk, Like Someone in Love